Children of the Rune
Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

Children of the Rune

Alternative Titles Children of the Rune - Winterer, Children of the Rune Winterer, Children of the Rune – Winterer, Children of the Rune, Winterer, Children of the Rune: Winterer, Winterer, สงครามดาบอักขระเวท ภาคดาบเหมันต์, ルーンの子供たち・冬の剣, 符文之子:冬霜劍, 魔剑奇缘, 룬의 아이들, 룬의 아이들 윈터러

Synopsis Children of the Rune

Child, you must survive! After the destruction of his House by his uncle, all that was left for a young boy, Boris, was the heirloom sword, “Winterer.” But little did he know that this treasure would become the cause of another crisis. As people seek “Winterer,” Boris’ heart grows colder and bleaker, much like the winter… The adventures of Boris, to survive, to protect the sword of his House, begin now. What awaits him at the end of this journey? And what secrets does the winter sword “Winterer” hold?Original Novel:Chapters:

Released 2024
Author JEON Minhee [Add, ]Mogin
Artist Kabocha squash munchkin [Add, ]Kyona [Add, ]
Serialization KakaoPage (Kakao)Kakao Webtoon (Daum)
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