Astral Pet Store
Status Ongoing
Type Manhua

Astral Pet Store

Alternative Titles Chao Shen Chong Shou Dian, Chāo Shén Chǒng Shòu Diàn, Cửa hàng sủng thú siêu thần, Super God Pet Shop, 超神宠兽店, 超神級テイマーに転生した俺が魔力で殲滅無双する

Synopsis Astral Pet Store

In the era of astral pets, only the might of pets was essential! However, making the pets stronger has always been a slow and arduous process for pet warriors. That was until the appearance of a mysterious pet shop that changed everything! The weakest skeleton could slay a great golden dragon with a single strike after training at this pet shop! Even the humble watchdog of the shop possessed ten legendary skills, and the female worker in the shop claimed to be a Goddess… As for what the shopkeeper Su Ping thinks: I’m merely training these cute pets to become exceptional overlord beasts. What? Is it not normal?Original Webcomic:

Released 2022
Author 周不困 [Add, ]诶嘿工作室 [Add, ]
Artist 诶嘿工作室 [Add, ]阅文漫画
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