Otherworldly Skeleton Evolution
Status Ongoing
Type Manhua

Otherworldly Skeleton Evolution

Alternative Titles Kulou Jinhua: Cong Bei Nvshen Zhaohuan Kaishi, Kūlóu Jìnhuà: Cóng Bèi Nǚshén Zhàohuàn Kāishǐ, Otherworldly Skeleton Evolution, Skeleton Evolution, Skeleton Evolution: It Starts With Being Summon by a Goddess, Skeleton Evolution: It Starts With Being Summoned by a Goddess, Skeleton Evolution: Starting From Being Summoned By the Sorceress, 骷髅进化:从被女神召唤开始

Synopsis Otherworldly Skeleton Evolution

Upon dying, Jiang Cheng ended up reincarnating into a game world as a skeleton summon that had been revived by a hot female player using necromancy.What’s a skeleton summon, you may ask? That’s a type of skeleton that’s even worse than cannon fodder!But thankfully, he was lucky enough to get a limitless evolutionary system to assist him!That was the moment when a godly skeleton that kills players and wreaks havoc among the NPCs was unleashed into the game.Original Webcomic

Released 2023
Author 静孤与寞 [Add, ]
Artist 风狸绘漫画 [Add, ]
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Chapter Otherworldly Skeleton Evolution


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