Regressor’s Life After Retirement
Status Ongoing
Type Manhwa

Regressor’s Life After Retirement

Alternative Titles Retirement Life of a Returner, Regressor's Life After Retirement, The Regressor's Retirement Life, 重生者的退休生活, 重生者的隐退生活, 회귀자의 은퇴 라이프

Synopsis Regressor’s Life After Retirement

After the first Gate opened in 2018, Lim Dae-In survived for 20 years on Earth while being connected to other dimensions. The day after his long-awaited retirement celebration, he regresses by 20 years, back to when he had nothing…Original Novel:Chapters, VolumesOriginal Webtoon:Naver Webtoon, Naver SeriesOfficial Translations:S.Chinese, T.Chinese

Released 2023
Author Ganjjajang, Seohee [Add, ]
Artist IN [Add, ]
Serialization Naver Series (Naver)Naver Webtoon (Naver)
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Chapter Regressor’s Life After Retirement

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