Super Evolution
Status Ongoing
Type Manhua

Super Evolution

Alternative Titles Extraordinary Evolution, Advanced Evolution, Chaofan Jinhua, Siêu Phàm Tiến Hóa, Super Evolution, アドバンスド・エボリューション, 超凡进化, 초월진화

Synopsis Super Evolution

Ming’s dream of becoming an extraordinary hero is stopped in its tracks after a cosmic accident leaves him comatose. But one year later, just as the city is being overrun by mutant creatures, he reawakens with a newfound strength that packs a powerful punch. Armed with fists now mightier than the world of superheroes has ever seen, Ming must use his power to crush the outbreak threatening to wipe out all of humanity. While embarking on a mission of epic proportions, he’ll go up against giant rats and mad scientists to rescue the world from certain doom. But alongside his fellow extraordinary heroes, he may just have what it takes to save the world and uncover the secrets of the universe.Original Webcomic:

Released 2021
Author Chaos, Lulai Buddha, Ningen (宁恩)
Artist Chang Pan Yong Zhe
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