The First Order
Status Ongoing
Type Manhua

The First Order

Alternative Titles The First Sequence, Di Yi Xu Lie, Di Yi Xulie, Diyi Xulie, Dì Yī Xù Liè, First Sequence, The First Order, Đệ Nhất Danh Sách, 第一序列, 폐급에서 성주까지 레벨업

Synopsis The First Order

After a great catastrophe struck, humanity started living in anarchy. Acid rain floated across the sky, wild wolves roared in the wilderness, the consortium in the barrier sang night after night, and the refugees outside the wall were hungry and cold.“Ren Xiaosu”, who was born as a refugee, unlocked the palace system and continued to grow stronger by absorbing positive energy, fighting for survival, protecting relatives and friends, saving sentient beings, and gradually changing the world, becoming the dawn of mankind’s future. this is a brand new story… survive the darkness, see the light.

Released 2021
Author Elbow X Leftist
Artist Boyi Animation
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