The Frenzy Of Evolution
Status Ongoing
Type Manhua

The Frenzy Of Evolution

Alternative Titles The Unstoppable, Evolution Frenzy, Frenzy of Evolution, Jin Hua Kuang Chao, Jinhua Kuangchao, Jìn Huà Kuáng Cháo, Jìnhuà Kuángcháo, L'éveil du Gardien, The Frenzy of Evolution, Tides of Evolution, Tiến Hoá Cuồng Triều, Tiến Hóa Cuồng Triều, 人生リセットで守護者に覚醒, 进化狂潮, 이볼브: 진화의 서막

Synopsis The Frenzy Of Evolution

Duan Fei reborn 20 years ago, a few hours before the Apocalypse, and he can finally make up for something he’s regretted for 20 years… He uses the knowledge he learned in his previous life to arm himself in this life and constantly improve his strength. Duan Fei, who can only survive in the last days, is a world hero in this life…Original Webcomic:Original WebcomicOfficial Translations:•Japanese, French•English: Webcomics, Alandal, Mangatoon

Released 2021
Author MOKF, 兔子专吃窝边草 [Add, ]
Artist 黑鸟社
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